Three mannequins, Austin

I love the blocks of color, the contrast of the whites with the dark background, the vertical divisions of the frame, the diagonal of the text parallel to the shoulder line. And I am a hetrosexual male: I can't help but like the shapes.

That's where the questions start: about three women standing in formation with identically 'perfect' shapes. The frame focuses attention on their chests; the window layout focuses attention on their chests - the camera went where the store designers intended. The mannequins have no heads to distract us (in the frame or outside it); the cut and color of their tops are intended to make men look there and all the real women looking through the glass know it.

I doubt we are supposed to notice the wedgies. The pants have been sown to fit the human bodies that will buy them; they must be adjusted to look good on the perfect mannequins.

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