Thunderstorms & White Sands, New Mexico 1990-2008

Storm moving to lower Taos peaks and ranch house

It took fifteen years for us to realize that New Mexico might be the 'local' alternative to the Isle of Mull, Scotland, that we were looking for. It was only while driving to Dixon in 2005, watching the continous shifting of contours and colors, the interplay of the ground with the sky, that the recognition came. In fifteen years, this was the first time that we had returned to a American vacation home that we had used before, the first time we had gone back to anywhere in the U.S. for a second stay. And it felt like coming home.

You might think that there is little to relate the seascapes of Scotland's west coast to the desert and mountains of New Mexico but the rapid transitions from mountain to high plain are not unlike those of island to sea. And just as a sea view never looks the same two days in a row, so it is with the the summer monsoon storms that paint the sky of New Mexico. The picture to the right, taken the hill above Ballygowan Bay in north east Mull, may give an indication of what I mean.

The photographs below are not an attempt to represent or sum up New Mexico; we have only seem a small part of the state over a period totaling barely seven weeks. White Sands does not cover 45% of the state though you might get that impression if you judged only from these images; threatening storm clouds do not hide the sun from the rest of the state.

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